Monday, November 30, 2015

I Spy Placemats

November 2015

For some of us, I Spy quilts are the popcorn of the quilt world.  You can never stop at just one.  This is particularly true for those of us who collect “picture fabrics”.  Aptly nicknamed “conversation fabrics”, these pieces can have pictures of pretty much anything – barns, dogs, birds, angels, stinky cheeses, Snoopy, Nancy Drew’s magnifying glass...the list is endless. So far the only pop culture object not depicted in fabric is Donald Trump’s hair. 

Basically, if someone, somewhere liked something, there’s probably a bolt of fabric bearing a picture of it.  And I probably bought a bunch it.  These pieces, while looking nothing short of fabulous in my fabric collection, are actually quite difficult to use up.  It’s like cooking – you can’t just grab all your exotic ingredients off the shelf and use them up in a single dish.  That method yields the proverbial dog’s breakfast whether you’re making food or quilts.

Our guild recently made placemats to give to the clients of The Red Cross Meals On Wheels program.  My contribution was two I Spy placemats.  They’re fun visually because every time you look at them you find something you didn’t see the last time.  It’s the same pleasure you get from watching reruns of your favourite TV show.  There are always subplots and cool props you missed on your first pass. 

Some of my other adventures with I Spy quilts, including tips on making them, can be found in my previous posts Julie’s Garden and True North. 

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