Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Says Time To Decorate

Quilt No. 80
November 2011

What could be happier than a Santa getting ready to hang his Christmas lights? Stepping outside of my usual style, I went with a pattern this time, and created an actual block quilt. The original pattern had a set of squares going down the left hand side of the quilt that spelled out the word "Believe”. It seemed sort of foolish to me. You either believe or you don’t. That state of mind can’t be induced by a quilt. It comes from years of cultivating the magic that surrounds a white-bearded man who willingly inserts himself into chimneys each year in order to please children - a man who has given up everything in his life in order to supervise elves, build toys, train skittish reindeer, and keep his belly in a perfect state that resembles a bowl full of jelly. Now if that sort of dedication doesn’t inspire you to “believe” in the spirit of Christmas, then a few squares of fabric are never going to change your mind.

This Santa has a nice red flannel suit, some beautiful crystals to light up the stars in the background, and a lovely string of lights that weren’t part of the original pattern.

I hope my god-daughter and her family have many, many happy Christmases with Santa looking on.

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