Friday, December 5, 2008

Resting Place

Quilt No. 58
December 2007

I kept envisioning a quilt with a bridge and a park bench in a green and restful setting. I combed the Internet for a picture of each, and and rescaled the photos into patterns to use as separate elements in Resting Place. Although my original drawing included a weeping willow tree I didn't add it in - it simply overpowered the other objects. Instead, evergreens were placed in the foreground to frame the scene.
Quilting Notes

The wood grain fabric of the park bench was dyed slightly darker than its original shade to give it a nice warm appeal. Each "board"of the bench was appliqu├ęd onto the quilt individually. I traced an outline of the bench pattern onto a piece of transparent plastic, and laid this on top of the quilt so that I could accurately position each board before sewing it on. This has proven to be a very useful technique for positioning intricate pieces.

I machine-quilted the bridge prior to sewing it onto the quilt. The river was machine-quilted after the quilt was assembled. Everything else on this quilt was hand-quilted.

Photo used to create the bridge

Original concept drawing

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  1. I think you captured what a little piece of heaven looks like. Gorgeous.