Thursday, December 4, 2008


Quilt No. 54
May 2007

This is a tribute to the explorer Ernest Shackleton. In this quilt we see the silhouette of a ship that is exploring in Antarctic waters, with the high cliffs of glaciers in the background and the sea in the foreground. The ship was scaled up from a picture of a three-masted barquentine, the type of ship Shackleton used on his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1914. While there are many photos of his ship Endurance there are none that give a simple view of it from the side. Another ship of the same style was used to create the pattern.

Quilting Notes
The sea was dyed with Setacolor fabric paint and overlaid strips of tissue paper. The fabric used for the glaciers was dyed with the leftover paint. Cotton embroidery floss was used for the rigging.

Original graphic used to create the pattern pieces for the ship

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  1. All your art makes me want to jump inside the picture and, just for a moment, experience your vision. This one especially.