Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Winter of Frost

Quilt No. 53
March 2007

This quilt was made for Bruna. It features a white dragonfly that is symbolic of her son Adam, who died of cancer at age sixteen, on February 14, 2001

Quilting Notes

The dragonfly was foundation pieced from a pattern I found quite by accident on the Internet.
I tried numerous unsuccessful techniques to create the frost frond before I discovered one that worked. I glued down strips of white-silver sparkled cotton fabric, and then covered these with gauze ribbon that was edged with silver. First I hand sewed along one edge or the ribbon, then along the other edge. I then I went back and gathered up the gauzy portion of the ribbon, which was much wider than the underlying strips of white, and secured it with an overcast of invisible nylon thread. Some of the ribbon came from a bouquet of roses from mother’s funeral in January 2007. Mom always wanted me to keep the ribbon whenever was given a floral arrangement. She would be thrilled to know that I came up with a permanent way to “keep the ribbon.”

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  1. Of course, this is my favourite. This was so much work for you, Julie, and I never feel like I thanked you enough. What an honour and a priviledge to have an original piece of your art. Adam would have approved.